Our schools are the places where we develop the young people who are the key to our future. In order to teach, learn, and flourish, we must keep the students and staff safe from disruption and danger. Keeping them safe requires developing systems that guide behavior in the event of natural or man-made dangers. Crafting, drilling and executing these systems doesn’t happen by accident. Your school needs experts in school emergency operations and action plans who can optimize for your specific environment.

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions was born to fulfill that exact purpose. The staff have dedicated years of their professional lives learning, building and executing school emergency action plans and emergency operations plans in the face of real-world threats. These plans are based on proven emergency management methods in addition to professional experience. Their experience in evaluating existing emergency plans and crafting custom emergency management systems with the input of school districts and community resources speaks for itself.

School Emergency Planning Meeting

School Emergency Consulting

Your school system’s safety journey has almost certainly evolved over time since your school’s inception. But now, with threats appearing more frequently than before, you as a school administrator, parent or community advocate may feel that a fresh look at your current system is in order. Palmetto State Emergency Solutions has experience auditing existing emergency management plans and then either modifying the existing plan or developing safety addendums and additional enhanced emergency measures that can keep your students and staff safer and more confident.

Assessing Your School’s Security and Emergency Preparedness: Discovery

To build or enhance your plan, you must account for relevant risks, your organization’s blindspots or vulnerabilities and potential threats

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Evaluate Your School’s Current Emergency Management Systems

Auditing and evaluating the effectiveness of your school emergency plan requires expertise, which means you need experienced consultants

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If a Crisis Strikes: Reunification, or How to Rebuild Stronger

In the event of a crisis, even if your crisis plan works to perfection, you will need post-crisis support

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School Emergency Preparedness Training

The way we train is the way we react. This maxim holds true in every human endeavor that relies on reacting properly to situations with precision. When events occur, action needs to be taken immediately without having to think or guess. Terms like “muscle memory” and “being in the zone” describe this state where participants react properly and confidently because they’ve done it before. Palmetto State Emergency Solutions knows how to train administration, staff, and students so that if the need arises, everyone plays their part and we maximize better outcomes.

School Emergency Preparedness Training

Plan. Drill. Execute. This is our mantra and it makes great plans work in the real world.

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Operations Center Exercises

Administrators and staff need training to react correctly in the event of a crisis

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Support Staff Safety Training

Your school’s support staff also have to train according to plan so they can fulfill their roles

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Dana and Ross’s knowledge and expertise is unrivaled.  They presented at our conference on library and museum public safety in January 2020, and I still reflect on their points, nearly a year and a half later.  I’ve incorporated many of their recommendations into our own Disaster Preparedness Policy.  We’re so grateful for the time they took to train our attendees on how to respond to active shooters.  I can certainly say that I feel more prepared.

– Shannon L. Smith, Librarian for the James R. Crumley Archives at the Southern Lutheran Theological Seminary

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