School Emergency Planning Services

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions creates comprehensive emergency operations plans and emergency action plans tailored to your school’s unique needs. To do this we plan and train everyone involved with safety at your school in order to control the chaos that comes from crisis situations. From our drills and evidence gathered from actual crisis situations, we create a positive feedback loop that puts your school in a state of constant improvement. Thus, we create a living plan that adapts to new discovery.

Active shooter training is only one of many parts you need for a comprehensive school emergency action plan.

Does your school emergency operations plan account for fire, storms, physical security, and man-made disasters?

Choosing Emergency Management Solutions

There are three parts to building your plan: assess/discovery, codify emergency management procedures, and train on choreographed procedures to build “muscle memory”. The final product is one where all of the actors do their part with minimal thinking. Our services address all three of these steps.

You want a partner who has direct, real-world experience planning these tools. How do you differentiate between companies bent on wasting your precious budget with unsubstantiated, dubious credentials, and qualified, experienced experts whose goal is the safety of your students? Use common sense to start with. Is somebody pitching you who just recently began offering school safety consulting? Don’t buy it. Get professionals who can show you plans they’ve previously developed. For schools.

School Safety Consulting

You as a school administrator or concerned party probably have an emergency plan in place already. Using that knowledge-base as a starting point, Palmetto State Emergency Solutions can help you can modify your existing plan or start with a blank slate. How do you know which way is better? You rely an expert source like Palmetto State Emergency Solutions that have documented real-world experience helping organizations like yours make their schools safer.

Getting consultation and coaching so that you can build your school safety system correctly is a crucial decision. Your consultant should be able to:

Account for relevant risks, vulnerabilities and potential threats

Audit and evaluate the effectiveness of your school emergency plan

In you have already experienced a crisis, decide on what your next steps are to rebuild

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions helps you gather together all of the important interest groups so that you can build consensus and buy-in. Transparency is key to creating powerful, realistic expectations. Also, we work to create small focused plan development workgroups to help keep timelines crisp and focused.

It takes a combination of proven experience and keen observation skills, as well as being able to communicate with the many different groups that make up the plan’s shareholders. We know that we can help you make difference is a good and a great plan.

Learn more about our School Safety Consulting Services here.

School Emergency Preparedness Training

If you have ever watched a high school sports team develop from their first days to game day, you know that only by drilling and repeating can the players begin reacting correctly on demand. Repetition give the players confidence when things go wrong as well and helps them focus on doing what they know works.

Similarly, students and staff will behave exactly as they have (or have not) practiced. A plan without practice is an unrealized dream. This truth applies to everything we do everyday. If you make a plan to lose weight and then spend the next four weeks eating poorly and binge watching the newest Netflix series, your results will be pretty predictable.

Also, we stress the importance of all concerned parties training the right way. Teachers, administrative staff, local law enforcement, and parents all have “training” of one sort or another. Palmetto State Emergency Solutions can help get these groups together so everyone knows their part and can execute if the time comes.

An example would be an emergency situation where students need to be moved to another location in the event of a hazardous chemical spill or something similar that would make the campus dangerous. What is the administration’s first step? Do they know who moves the students and staff? Who goes first? Who verifies an “all accounted for”? Don’t know? You’re not alone. Even the best laid plans need a fresh set of eyes and regular training that can be evaluated for effectiveness.

Learn more about our School Emergency Preparedness Training Services here.

Post-Crisis (Reunification)

In the event that your school does experience a traumatic crisis, your school will need the help of multiple resources to process what happened and come through to the other side stronger and more resilient.

Reunification is a community project and Palmetto State Emergency Solutions can help you bring together all of the resources you need to care for students and staff alike. This is an ongoing process that will require patience and compassion. But with the right plan and the right help, your community can rally around a common cause to help all involved move forward.

Special Event Preparedness

The school year is frequently punctuated by large events where the sheer size of the venue and number of people greatly complicate security efforts. Graduations, sporting events and social gatherings pose potential risks that make security planning an even greater challenge.

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions understands these challenges because they’ve planned and trained for them before. Many times. If it seems overwhelming to you, that’s because it is. You need expert emergency planners and trainers to keep your large events safe and successful.