School Emergency Preparedness Training

Schools throughout the United States and the rest of the world are confronted with a vitally important question each and every day. “Have we done everything we can to prepare for threatening events?” The answer lies in training the faculty and student body to react in a predictable way when necessary. It is a truism that the way you train is the way you will react. In school emergency events, if the people involved aren’t trained to behave in a specific way consistently, they will almost always, by nature, fail to do anything. They freeze in indecision. The only proven way to ingrain desirable behavior is to drill in into people’s minds repeatedly.

Studying your school’s emergency plan and then drilling execution ensures that staff and students respond correctly to emergency threats.

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Situational School Emergency Training and Drills

As with any endeavor involving groups of people, ingraining behavior is primarily a two step process. You need to begin with study that is reserved for laying out the plan and how each person plays their role. Then you practice by repetition, executing the plan. Repeatedly.

If you only do classroom training, staff and student body will not perform the way you want them to. But without classroom study, drill and execution are impossible because there will be no basis mentally for drilling. This goes for administration, faculty, support personnel and student body alike.

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions has experience developing both phases necessary to improve good outcomes in emergency situations. Experienced in both military and law enforcement security consulting and administration, the advisors of PSES can develop working, real-world solutions faster and more efficiently than “consultants” who decided to jump on the school security bandwagon more recently. Our advisors are people you can trust and who can prove their pedigree.

Training School Administration With Tabletop Scenarios

Palmetto State Emergency Solutions recognizes that one of the most stressful parts of any school emergency situation falls on the shoulders of school administrators who are coordinating evacuation and external response efforts. Trained school administrators form the tactical nerve center where all efforts are directed. It is imperative that school administrators train and drill on how they will react once an emergency occurs.

All of the communications that need to occur once an emergency is detected need to be carefully scripted and work on a precise decision structure. Who you call and how you initiate evacuation efforts must be learned and practiced until as many of the high-level possibilities are covered. Nobody can plan for everything but by practicing reactions for an overarching set of factors, administrators can maximize good outcomes.

Again, having advisors and consultants who have experience in high-risk environments gives your school a huge advantage. Contact Palmetto State Emergency Solutions today and start creating a school emergency response system to keep your school safer.

Tabletop emergency drills help your staff react appropriately in high-stress situations.